Review of Shattered Reality by Lance Richardson

30 Jan

Reviewed by J C Sum.

Being an illusion designer myself and having published 3 books on illusion designs, I was interested to see an illusion design plan by another designer. I’m familiar with Lance’s work with illusions like “The Web” and “Sword Flight”.

This is a single illusion whose effect is a broken and restored mirror illusion. The closest thing (that nothing similar in method or presentation) is Greg Frewin’s variation of Jim Steinmeyer’s Origami (which Wellington builds now). I would classify this as a mini illusion or illusionette. and it can be performed solo. It could be valuable to a performer looking to add a large effect to his/ her show without investing in a large prop.

The booklet is fairly clear although I suspect the complete novice will have to go through it several times to fully understand all the workings.  You will have to read carefully through all pages to get a firm grasp of the workings of the illusion. Personally, for all magic effect descriptions, I do prefer the creator to outline the basic method of the effect at the start so that it allows the reader to have some grasp and context of what they are reading.

Overall, the illusions is a well thought out design and the choreography for actions is economical. The stand for the prop is well designed and looks modern.

However, I think as a stand alone effect, there is something lacking if it is performed just as it is. Here are some ideas I developed:

– A manipulator can use it as a backdrop for a sequence where he/ she shows the audience the back of his/ her hands for a specific sequence. As a kicker, this illusion is performed.

– Instead of a mirror, use a sheet of glass (acrylic). Perform a card through window type effect. Smash the window to retrieve the card and then restore it.

– Break the mirror to do a mirror shard cutting arm effect or something with a mirror shard and then restore the mirror.

– Perform a partial arm or upper body through mirror effect if the front cover gimmick is changed.

I think there is great potential for the illusionette and I recommend it for magicians looking for a small scale illusion that can be perform if they can put some innovation behind it. 4 out of 5 stars


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