Review of ADD-ICT RED by Wayne Dobson

14 Apr

addict redReviewed by John Teo

ADD-ICT RED by Wayne Dobson 

A small leather business card holder is shown to contain a prediction in the form of a playing card inside it.  The face of the card is not revealed at this point in time.

Performer says that he took this card from a deck of playing cards.  He has a strong feeling that a card will be selected from this deck that will match the prediction card.  If the prediction card is the 7 of hearts, the selected card will be the other red 7, ie 7 of diamonds.  If the prediction card is the 7 of spades, the selected card will be the other black 7, ie 7 of clubs.

A spectator shuffles the deck of cards and then deals one card at a time face downwards on the performer’s outstretched hand.  She stops dealing any time she wishes.  The stop-at card is then shown to be the same colour match as the prediction card!

In another version, the prediction card is taken from a different deck of cards.  The selected card matches exactly the prediction card in this case.  When the audience thinks that all the cards in this deck are the same card, the rest of the cards are shown to be blanks!

You are supplied with the leather holder, 2 gimmicked playing cards, the necessary accessories, and an instructional DVD.  No decks of cards are provided.  You need to supply them yourself, including the blank deck if you wish perform this version. 

In the DVD, Mark Mason does a good job performing and explaining the 2 versions.  The effect is straight-forward and has a great impact on the audience.  Best of all, it is easy to do.  When ordering, you need to inform if you require red or blue back gimmicked cards.  (5/5 star rating.)


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