14 Apr

zombie deckReviewed by John Teo


Special design decks are for people who appreciate art or exclusivity.

They are usually of limited edition because of their special design and limited printing runs.  They are obviously more expensive than their standard counterparts.  Many of them end up as collectors’ items.

Collectors who are performing magicians would purchase additional decks to use in their performances to show the audience their interest in this area.

Although the audience may be intrigued with such specially designed cards, there is a downside to it.  Because these are specially printed cards, audience may suspect that visual “gimmicks” could be printed on the cards to make the magic work.  Duplicates of a particular card could also be printed, making finding that card easy.

Most of the customized decks have special designs on the backs of the cards, on the Jokers and on the court cards.  It is not easy to find decks that have different pictures on each card.  I do come across cheaply produced decks that feature 52 (54, if we add in the 2 Jokers) different animals or species of flowers.  There is a set of double James Bond decks that feature a total of 108 different scenes from the various James Bond movies.  Professionally produced decks of this type are rather limited.  One such deck is the Everyday Zombies deck manufactured by Bicycle.  Zombies have been made popular by movies such as World War Z, Zombie Land, Night Of The Living Dead, and the Resident Evil series.

The Everyday Zombies deck features 54 different zombie characters, illustrated by the popular zombies artist Rob Sacchetto.  Because of the different characters, it is particularly suitable for the classic “Fred” card trick.  A spectator chooses her favourite zombie and his name happens to be Frederick, a name you predicted in advance.  All the other zombie cards are shown to have different names.

Effects that involve knowing the number of face-up and face-down cards are also good for this deck.  Cards that are turned face-down indicate eliminating those zombies.  There is an e-book entitled “Zombie Apocalypse” available from  It comprises 6 baffling zombie-themed card tricks, and they are all nearly self-working. 

With a little creativity, you can adopt many card tricks to involve Zombies, using this special deck.  In doing so, you are updating your magic to the current craze of Zombies.  In any case, Magic and Zombies seem to be an awesome combination.  Other Zombie themed decks are the Bicycle Zombie and Bicycle Zombified Decks.  (4/5 stars rating.) 


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