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Review of The Grid (DVD and Gimmicks) by Richard Wiseman – DVD

17 May

Reviewed by:  Bernard Sim

The Grid (DVD and Gimmicks) by Richard Wiseman - DVD

I’ll have to be upfront before I continue with the review. I have never been a fan of the Magic Square. To me, they are more of mathematics rather than magic. IMO, spectators who are baffled with the Magic Square will probably think that you can count very fast mentally or you have already memorized everything.

As for The Grid, it is similar to the Magic Square but this has a small element of magic added in. The kicker ending reveals your selected card. You get the special deck plus the DVD. You’d need to prepare the deck before your first performance by writing the prediction at the back of the card.

I can imagine the number of hours Richard Wiseman has put into developing this routine. It’s being cleverly set-up and performing this is very easy with no sleights at all. If you’re into maths magic, magic square, this is a must for you. For me, I think its ok only but that’s because I’m not a fan of such “magic”.

Rating 3.5/5



Review of Unexpected by Marc Spelmann & Peter Nardi

16 Jun

Reviewed by: J C Sum

The routines make use of subtle, equivoque, and simple mentalism techniques. Many routines use multiple outs and utilizes techniques that vary as the routines progress. This makes for very sophisticated and ‘pure’ type of mentalism routines that will amaze today’s jaded audiences.

This is an IMPROMPTU mentalism so all the routines can be performed anytime, anywhere.

There are so many gems in this 2–volume DVD set such as:

Drinks on the Patio – This is a prediction of an object among eight items by a process of elimination. While not ground-breaking new, this routine examines the use of the Pateo Force in the context of a routine. The nuances and subtleties taught are worth the weight in gold and can be applied to any collection of objects.

Perfect ESP – This is a great ESP matching routine where 10 cards match exactly even though the magician and the spectator randomly match them into pairs. It is dependent on one move that requires misdirection and a smooth execution but if you get this down the routine is very strong. This routine can also be adapted to formal stage performances as well.

Underhand Thoughts – This is an excellent drawing duplication routine that is impromptu. You can use business cards, index cards or double blank playing cards.

Tribute to Mr Kane – Wow! What a simple but brilliant method. While the presentation is in the form of a gambling game, it is an excellent way to force an item out of 5 numbered items. It is perfect for formal stage shows if necessary as well.

There are many more great routines so this DVD set has my Highest Recommendations!


Review of The Regal Colour Changing Deck by David Regal

16 Jun

Reviewed by: J C Sum

This is a nifty novel deck from David Regal, the man who gave us items like Sudden Deck, Prophesy, Alone and other great card routines.

This is a ‘warped’ colour changing deck routine as not only do the backs of the cards change colour, the faces of the cards also switch colour. The traditionally red cards (diamonds and hearts) are now black and the black cards are now red.

The handling is simple, straightforward and easy to learn.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a unique card routine.


Review of Postcards (RED Back Bicycled, Gimmick and DVD) by Hernan Macagno and Tango Magic – DV

2 Jun

Reviewed by Bernard Sim

When I first open up this package, I saw the DVD and of course the gimmick. Just by looking at the gimmick, I didn’t know what it was suppose to do. After viewing the DVD, I was smiling at the clever method.

This is basically a production of a deck from a seemingly flat box. You can’t perform a routine using this item alone but this gimmick enables you to do a sudden production of a deck which can lead to your card routine. Though the gimmick does all the work for you, you would still need to do a move most cups and balls workers do at the end of their routine. To perform Postcards, you would need to carry an envelope which may deem to take up some precious pocket space by some table hoppers.  The DVD is very detailed and it shows various methods depending on your situation.  All these methods are not difficult at all.

Though I quite like this effect, to carry an extra envelope deters me from carrying this with me. A good alternative or a better choice for such effects would be David Regal’s Sudden Deck 2. Rating 3.5/5.


Review of Papercuts by Chris Hestnes and Dan & Dave Buck – DVD

1 Jun

Reviewed by Bernard Sim

XCM, I probably can never do this kind of thing. The only flourish I can do is a swivel cut….ok and a few more but definitely not XCM. These flourishes looks great, when you perform it, your spectators will know you have invested your time in practicing as well as it is a way of showing your dexterity.

Though flourishes are a way of entertaining using cards, I feel that it should not be classified under magic. Sure, you can add this in your card magic but you probably want to use one or two flourishes, I strongly believe that less is more when it comes to this type of card flourishes. The flourishes in this DVD ranges from intermediate to advance (mostly advance IMO).  The DVD is very well edited and it makes learning easy but mastering it is another thing. Besides flourishes from Chris Hestnes, there are others who also contributed their flourishes into this DVD. I can’t say I like all the flourishes in the DVD but there are a few which actually looks quite nice.

If you are into card flourishes already, you probably want to add this to your collection. As for the mildly curious people or beginners, you might want to start with something a little easier than this. Rating 3.5/5.


Review of The Invisible Pass by Chris Dugdale JB Magic – DVD

23 May

Reviewed by Bernard Sim

This rather short video on the Invisible Pass. The total length of the DVD is 21.57mins. Slightly more than half of it, 12.50 mins to be exact is on the explanation. The rest of the DVD is some live performance of Chris Dugdale.  Of the 12.50 mins of “explanations” it was filled with “fillers’ such as Chris Dugdale drinking a coconut, Chris Dugdale dancing etc. I know he is trying to add humor to the DVD but I think it’s not funny at all. The video is filmed in three different locations but to me, it seems that they are on holiday and decided to make a DVD at the same time.

To be fair to Chris Dugdale, he does a very good invisible pass, the explanations are pretty clear too. In this DVD he teaches the Invisible pass and the Turnover Pass. He also demonstrated the Riffle Pass. You would probably be able to learn the Invisible Pass from this DVD. At a retail price of US$30, I’d rather pay slightly more and get Richard Kaufmann’s On The Pass.

Rating 2.5/5


Review of Reflection by Bill Goodwin and Dan & Dave Buck – DVD

13 May

Reflection by Bill Goodwin and Dan & Dave Buck – DVD

Reviewed by Bernard Sim

I’m impressed by this DVD; it has excellent routines/ effects, sleights, packaging, video editing, teaching style and crediting. Included in the DVD is a very nicely printed booklet crediting the originator where Bill Goodwin’s sleights and routines were inspired from.

Bill Goodwin is a very accomplished performer and his teaching method is clear and concise. I was fooled so many times while going thru the performance video. Each time I was fooled, I smiled, I felt so happy being fooled. While going thru the explanation, I smiled again, the sleights are so clever!

All the routines are performed standing which is good for restaurant workers. Though these routines are not for beginners, I’d still recommend this DVD to all levels. The beginners will be inspired and the advanced magician will have something to add to their repertoire. Highly recommended for card workers. Rating 4.5/5