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Review of CUBE CARD by Perseus Arkomanis

14 Apr

Card Cube Perseus Arkomanis

Reviewed by  John Teo

CUBE CARD by Perseus Arkomanis 

Novel magic always has a great impact on the audience, because the audience are seeing something truly impossible – something truly magical!

Effects that fall into this category includes coin bend, card warp, trapdoor card and anniversary waltz.  The resulting object can be given out to the spectator as a souvenir, which makes them remember the magician.  This is an important marketing ploy!

Card cube is the latest original plot that falls into this category.  Crated by Greek magician Perseus Arkomanis, this is a card cube that is folded from a single playing card and held together without any glue, but just by its shape and clever folds.

The obvious effect consists of a spectator’s chosen card magically transforming into a card cube, which can then be given to the spectator as a souvenir of their encounter with this fantastic magician.  Perseus’ transformation of the chosen card into the card cube is most visual and magical.

You receive only an instructional DVD, nothing else is supplied.  In it, Perseus teaches you in detail how to construct the card cube.  He gives several methods of transforming a chosen card into the card cube, all very visual.  You can transform the selected card into a card cube with the back design showing, and then, like the spellbound coin effect, change it into the chosen card card cube.  Perseus also discusses possibilities using your business card for the card cube.

A wonderful, original, impossible card effect.  (5/5 star rating.)


Review of Ink by Mickeal Chatelain

11 Apr

ink mickaelReviewed by Bernard Sim

Ink by Micheal Chatelain

The gimmick is so ingenious! I can safely say that by looking at the demo, you’d never guess how the effect was accomplished. Even if the gimmick is in front of you, you won’t even know how to use it. While opening the package, I was staring at the gimmick and tried to guess how it works, I could not figure it out. While watching the DVD explaining it, I didn’t get it while the effect was being set-up. It was when the gimmick was “activated” that I realized how it was done. This is one piece of really clever gimmick.

The gimmick comes with 2 types of card designs. You can use it on the bicycle cards or the mandolin cards. Set-up is pretty fast and once set-up, you can perform it over and over again until you decide to change the routine. You can always change the design to other cards/ routines as and when you like. To change, the preparation takes less than 1 minute. The effect is magical and visual at the same time. The DVD teaches you several routines with very detailed explanations. Beginners will have no problem putting this to use.

The only downside to this item is probably the construction of the gimmick. The gimmick will be worn out eventually and you would need to replace it. But given the strength of this effect, I don’t mind replacing the gimmick. Highly recommended!

Rating 4/5.


Review of Voyeur (DVD and Gimmick) by Romanos and Titanas Magic – DVD

17 May

Reviewed by:  Bernard Sim

Voyeur (DVD and Gimmick) by Romanos and Titanas Magic - DVD

Voyeur…..hmm intriguing name and suits the effect really well !!

So what is Voyeur? Basically, its a gimmicked deck and box which enables you to know the identity of the chosen card in a very fair manner. The deck is gimmicked in a clever way and everything is very easy to do.

Now, here comes the however. Why would you pay this money for such a basic effect when you can just do a force? A spectator wouldn’t know if you do a force on them or if you used Voyeur on them. If you can’t do a proper force, there are other cheaper alternatives such as the Mirage deck. YOU can use a Mirage deck for other effects but you can’t use Voyeur for other effects. Voyeur is probably more of a magician fooler.

I wouldn’t pay this amount for a single trick which can be replicated by just a force card.


Rating 2/5

Review of The Grid (DVD and Gimmicks) by Richard Wiseman – DVD

17 May

Reviewed by:  Bernard Sim

The Grid (DVD and Gimmicks) by Richard Wiseman - DVD

I’ll have to be upfront before I continue with the review. I have never been a fan of the Magic Square. To me, they are more of mathematics rather than magic. IMO, spectators who are baffled with the Magic Square will probably think that you can count very fast mentally or you have already memorized everything.

As for The Grid, it is similar to the Magic Square but this has a small element of magic added in. The kicker ending reveals your selected card. You get the special deck plus the DVD. You’d need to prepare the deck before your first performance by writing the prediction at the back of the card.

I can imagine the number of hours Richard Wiseman has put into developing this routine. It’s being cleverly set-up and performing this is very easy with no sleights at all. If you’re into maths magic, magic square, this is a must for you. For me, I think its ok only but that’s because I’m not a fan of such “magic”.

Rating 3.5/5


Review of Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo

9 Apr

Reviewed by:  Bernard Sim

Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo

Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo

Before I played the DVD, I thought to myself that I am going to watch a DVD that has poor editing and poor image quality and I was right. Nathan Kranzo always does a one man show when he releases DVDs. The DVD was homemade, film with a cheap camera and edited using a program that has the “Apple” logo on the menu page of the DVD.

How I wish I could just stop watching it, it’s such a pain watching a video that was shot so close up that the cards filled up ¾ of the screen at times and everything was out of focus. The scenes were abrupt and when each scene ends, it goes to the menu and you have to select the next item to continue to watch it. I know this is a magic instruction DVD and not a movie but still, consumers should be respected and they should deserve a decent video footage rather than a lousy video. At the price of US$35, I’d expect an acceptable quality.

Ok, enough of my rants. The gimmicks that came with it were…..actually quite good! This is more of a utility device than an effect. Most of you would know what you are getting. There are many in the market, some in the form of a coin, some hidden in a card box etc. Kranzo’s version is hidden in plain sight. You can use it for table peeking or use it for in the hands work. You’d be required to construct the gimmick with the items included in the DVD package. Routines included are more like ideas but you can easily come up with ideas on utilizing it.

Rating, for effect/ gimmick 3.5/5. For DVD quality 1/5



Review of Linkey (includes all Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison and Titanas Magic

9 Apr

Reviewed by: Bernard Sim

Linkey (includes all Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison and Titanas Magic

Linkey (includes all Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison and Titanas Magic

Linkey, Linkey, Linkey hmmm…. nice name and the name says it all, a key that links.

Linkey is an innocent looking key that enables you to link it to rubber bands or any thin necklace, strings etc. The gimmick is very well made and is very sturdy too. It will last you all long time.

The package comes with an instructional DVD, a gimmicked and a regular key as well as some rubber bands. The keys are uncut, if your house keys uses the same brand, you can get the keys cut and use it. The gimmicked key can be shown freely (but not examined closely, that’s what the regular key is for). The effect is straightforward, easy to perform and understand. You can start performing this just after a few practices.

Apart from the gimmick key, there is also a bonus routine whereby a spectator’s key is taken off the key ring (right in front of spectator) and then instantly link it back to the key ring. The hands are then shown empty. This requires you to wear a jacket and also construct a gimmick. Construction and purchasing of gimmick is very cheap and easy.  This effect is visual and also, it uses the spectator’s key which makes it even more impossible. However, the bonus trick may not work on everyone all the time. If the opportunity arises, the bonus effect will be a killer.

Alan Rorrison is a very clever magician. I am beginning to like his stuffs more and more. Highly recommended!

Rating 4.5/5


Review of Packs Small Plays Massive by Jamie Allan

18 Mar

Guest Reviewed By: Alexander Yuen

Packs Small Plays Massive by Jamie Allan

Packs Small Plays Massive by Jamie Allan

This DVD set is produced by Jamie Allan, a magician who has done grand illusions and then decided to add close up bits in to his cruise shows because he feels that people remembers the close up bits a lot more than the illusions.

Overall, this is a great DVD set! There really isn’t anything bad about it, everything done very well.

In terms of video production, this is excellent. I love how the shots were taken, and I love how some of the effects are demonstrated for a live audience in his cruise show. The explanation is very detailed and clear. Jamie goes through all the necessary details for you to accomplish the routines.

What I find valuable is his sharing of his experience in producing a show using lights, cameras and staging. He goes into great detail divulging which projector is good for a cruise show and what kind of camera is good for using live feed. These are information that is hardly shared in close up magic DVDs.

While the DVD is called “Pack Small Plays Massive”, the value of the DVD is not in its tricks. But it is in Jamie’s sharing of his experience and other performance tips. If you are just looking for the latest cutting edge magic tricks, I think you will not be impressed by the effects shared in this DVD. Jamie’s selection of material is quite mainstream and the effects explained are more or less classics in magic that most advanced magicians would also have in their repertoire. However, this DVD is an excellent platform for beginner magicians as the effects are relatively simple and powerful and more importantly, beginners will learn what is important in crafting a performance.

In terms of the specific tricks, Jamie does add a bit of his own touch on some of the classics like Ambitious Card and Professor’s Nightmare. However, the ACAAN effect called wtf is quite a fresh approach to this effect. One other thing that got me was Jamie’s take on the 3 card monte called Executive Transvestite, highly visual and very clean in handling.

While it is relatively mid-high in pricing, the information is extremely valuable. So it is worth your money.

I would recommend this DVD to magicians of all levels. I think regardless of your skill set or experience there is something to be learned from Jamie.

Ratings: 4.5/5